New York hotel packages for esteemed guests

All hotel guests are entitled to a 20% discount when dining at the Harry Cipriani restaurant.

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The phrase “We’re at The Sherry” has long been an expression of privilege at this Midtown Manhattan hotel. Of course, The Sherry-Netherland’s European-style service and world-class accommodations account for much of this, but it’s the hotel’s attention to its guests’ every need that helps set The Sherry apart. The Sherry-Netherland’s New York hotel packages are created to enhance guest experiences.

Tailored New York hotel packages

Every package has been tailored to meet the needs of different guests. Want to add romance to your weekend? The Sherry Fling is one of the suite-est stays for couples. Consider Picnic in Central Park, another New York hotel package that adds extra charm to your Midtown Manhattan hotel stay. The Sherry-Netherland, a pet-friendly hotel, even has exclusive amenities that will put your pet in the lap of luxury. In short, each package simply complements an already luxurious stay.

In addition to the packages above, guests at The Sherry-Netherland receive a 20% discount when dining at the Harry Cipriani restaurant.

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